Posted by: Chuck | November 18, 2013

A friendly hello from Danao

Hello friends, for every hectic day God is your quiet rest. For every painful experience, He is your healing touch. For every disappointment, He is your certain hope. For every turbulent storm, He is your calming peace. For every hurtful action, He is your forgiving love.  If we have God, we have all. God bless you and your love ones. Uncle Chuck

It doesn’t take much capital or effort on your part to make any Filipino happy. The return benefits as to how they will treat you in a positive, caring way will always be multiplied exponentially. Filipinos are naturally among the nicest people in the world. Why would we in good conscience not treat them properly & with the utmost respect as they should always be treated?

Some expats, in an attempt to get as far away from the extended family here as possible, locate in an area where their wife cannot speak the local language. It puts her at a disadvantage from Day One and it often creates frustrations. My wife can speak Tagalog and Cebuano fluently, and English, however, not everyone has a great grasp on multiple languages. Our area is not nearly as complex in terms of population as the Danao area.  Most of the people in our area were born here, and most, their parents were also born here. It now around Christmas time, and soon we’ll put up our Christmas lights and give out Christmas presents to family, friends and the needy. 

There was no FEMA, no aid for a week or more for many of the victims.  Finally the island did get aid, but it was slow coming.  Because of the long wait from storm to aid, we have learned to hold at least two weeks supply of canned food in reserve for emergencies.  We have also learned to stock food for an expanded number of people.  Many relatives come around looking for food.  Supplies of food are very limited and being that we are on an island, getting things here takes time.  My heart goes out to the people in Leyte.  We are praying they will be some of the first to get back on their feet. Blessings, peace and joy,



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