Posted by: Chuck | November 19, 2013


Two 2 story houses have been well build across the old National Highway across from our Big House, would you believe it was where only one or two years ago were vacate lots with a small herd of gazing goats. Our house survived the quakes with some cracks in the walls although I am worried about the welds that tie our ceiling steel trusses together. When my son Thomas comes for a visit I plan to ask him to check-out the truss welds and see they are safe. I do it myself but I can’t walk without help and the use of a walker. Recently I learn our family (my wife’s aunts, uncles and cousins) have no electrical power and water service because of typhoon. We did have short brownout yesterday that lasted for about thirty minutes. I have gone from straight milk to powdered milk because the fresh was not able to stay cold during the long power brownout after the typhoon hit the Philippines. Good people are like the wind and you can’t see what is in their heart but you can always feel their goodness and sincerity. May the Lord bless and keep you. When I moved to the Philippines I wanted to live on the beach surrounding by palm trees and white sand – that was my dream. To live just a few meter above the high tide mark but thank God since then I became aware of the risk of typhoons and tsunamis. Thanks to my wife I am where I belong in the Big House setting at my computer. We both are “birds of a feather.” Uncle Chuck


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