Posted by: Chuck | November 20, 2013

Love and marriage go together

Love is often blind, from one side, and the guy does not take time to observe the family of his new love in life. Every poor family member is not a money grabber and every family member from more affluent families are not above scamming or having a sense of entitlement that the new foreign hubby is going to pay out lots of money to the family. There is never any guarantee in these situations but by spending quality time with the family, over a period of time, this will give you a good idea of what lies ahead. People can only front for so long!

Living on the beach in Asia is just not something I am interested in but I guess part of that is because I think it’s not too smart or wise. Still in the back of my mind are storms coming in and they are so unpredictable these days, even according to past history, as to where they will hit until they are on the way. True that the mountains can also be hazardous due to land slides and mudslides here in the Philippine.

The cultures of those who marry Filipinas are not the same and all such expats are not from *western* countries. Over the years, I have met expats from Africa married to Filipinas, as well as Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and others.  Not all families in the Philippines are not the same, although most all do share some cultural traits, to some extent. 

I know that many Filipinos are legally married here in the Philippines and none provide support to their ex-wife after they split-up.

Having said that I know some of our neighbors are not “officially” married. They are too poor to afford the license and ceremony and sometimes a local politician will offer free marriages just before an election. If you are contemplating such a move, you need to be aware of the Philippine Family Code. Cohabitating and representing yourselves as a married couple will obligate you to all of the rules of marriage (as long as you have the legal capacity to marry in the first place). In effect, you are considered married by common law. That means community property applies and you are still obligated to provide support. Uncle Chuck



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