Posted by: Chuck | November 21, 2013


Right now it’s around 5 pm in the late evening and it has started to rain hard without any let up. The past several days I have trying my best to developed a new merchandise blog without much luck but never fear I am determined to go on with my shooters a blaze – just like John Wayne. As I posted yesterday, the US Navy and Marines have landed to give a helping hand to the people here in the Philippines who lost so very much from the recent typhoon.  With a big ops I gave up trying to watch the TV show “Dead men walking,” I find the show to be depressing as decent humans become zombies. In fact folks most cable American movies shown here are direct from Macao with Chinese subtitles. Yesterday my barber came to the Big House to give me a much needed haircut, so for now I don’t have to worry about the dog catcher and hauling me away. The every restless gun blazing NPA are quiet up in the nearby wet and muddy mountains. A bit personal note, I found they just don’t like us Americans. Why, I don’t know. On to some other news; our new neighbors with every chance have been moving into their home this week.

May the peace of the Lord be with you always, Uncle Chuck



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