Posted by: Chuck | November 23, 2013

No monsters hiding in the dark

Life here couldn’t be any better for me. I am so grateful that my wife Belinda cares for me day and night after my strokes. She is a blessing to me. She smiles at me when I am up or down and puts up with me whenever I’m grumpy or mean spirited. I thank God in heaven for her. I have nothing to say or report in this post but I know the world is not flat as a pancake and there no monsters hiding in the dark but I know misery is real to most of us. Living here in the Philippines I’ve come to believe global warming is a threat to all of us, the whether we are a rich man or a poor man. It is not up to the world governments to stop global warming since we know they will fiddle around with unless talk or the politicians will say all the right words and doing nothing. Me, I say stop the wars from the far off mountains to the shore line and fix our home. A place we call Earth. One thing I have learned in my 77 years life has its ups and downs. One day you’re the king of mountain, the next morning you might wake up and find everything is gone. Smiling is sign of a good mood and laughter is a sign of happiness. Praying is a sign of good faith. Uncle Chuck



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