Posted by: Chuck | November 24, 2013

A pipe dream

It is quiet day here and the sun is trying to peek out from the above clouds to give us a sunny day. Junior is here at home from college, he has been a big help to his Mom and me.  I have no complains about him, since he is fine young man. I have been working with Amazon to set up some on line stores. As of right now I have nine such stores – I think that’s enough for anyone; don’t you think? I find each day is a big challenge to me since I tire easily now but life goes on.  Every day is a challenge to me without any let up. But like George Burns once said, “Don’t fall in love with your bed.” Ain’t that the truth! Good people experience joy not because they do great things but because the do small ones with great love and care. I hope to finish some work on the Big House with the extra money I might or could earn from the on line stores. Or is it a pipe dream, time will only tell. If I could only walk I probably would set in the warm sun and rest. Uncle Chuck



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