Posted by: Chuck | November 28, 2013


Life is very beautiful. Don’t focus on how many times you feel worthless, unloved, left behind and cheated. Instead, think of how many times you stood up and took the courage to let go, move on and live again. So, if you are driving at a high speed on a highway and if you fix your gaze on the road straight ahead, you will not see a car, a scooter, a buggy, a bicycle, a buffalo or even a human approaching from the side. Now reverse the picture. If you are crossing a road on foot and you see a speeding car approaching, there is a 90 percent chance that the driver is not seeing you, because his/her peripheral vision may be blind! And you may be in that blind zone. Money is a drug.  I observe people who are happy when they have money and upset or moody when they do not. Just as “cocaine” addicts get high when they sniff this drug, they also get moody and violent when they do not have it. May the peace of the Lord be with you always, Uncle Chuck



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