Posted by: Chuck | December 7, 2013

The Secret North Korea : North Korea, See The Real Country, Be Very Shocked – A Different Perspective From Vice

Published on Nov. 3, 2012

North Korea – New Horrific Secrets Revealed

A 45 minute tour of North Korea, made before the filming restrictions were lifted.

As recently as 2011, all tourism was very carefully controlled. Now, visas, travel and filming are no more restrictive than in any other free nation, due to the renewed diplomatic representations in and by 150 countries (although the USA refuses, to the sadness – and perhaps embarrassment – of many international diplomats).

With the 2012 missile launch, many people are more aware of this strange, isolated, rather unknown, nation.

This film tours the country and shows the situation at the time.
It is now even easier, however, to be a tourist there, and Visas are freely available.

As many have commented, they’re not sure why “Vice” had to arrive and film “secretly” …. when these Canadian backpackers, from their “Departures” series could even then travel and film so easily ..



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