Posted by: Chuck | December 9, 2013

South Korea Top Guns expands air defense zone

South Korea expands air defense zone after Chinese move – South Korea on Sunday announced an expansion of its air defense zone following China’s move to establish a similar zone that has been criticized by Beijing’s neighbors. South Korea earlier requested China to redraw its air defense zone because it partly overlaps with South Korea’s but Beijing rejected it. The U.S., Japan and other countries have also protested the Chinese zone.

South Africa unites in prayer and song for MandelaSouth Africans of all races and religions united in an outpouring of prayer and song for their beloved Nelson Mandela on Sunday, hearing calls to keep his dream of a Rainbow Nation alive. Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues across the country rang out with hymn and homily — a nationwide day of prayer to begin a week of remembrance for the anti-apartheid icon. In a statement Mandela’s family implored this still deeply scarred nation, and people beyond its shores, to “keep his dream alive.”

Philippines typhoon survivors determined to hope – Super Typhoon Haiyan left more than 7,500 people dead or missing and ruined the homes of about four million others when it tore across some of the Philippines’ poorest fishing and farming communities. A month after the typhoon struck, the battle for survival remains undeniably desperate in squalid towns, where masses of survivors huddle on roads still choked with debris while waiting for noodles, rice, water or other essentials being handed out by relief workers. But the hand-painted message on the banner, hanging above a shop front being repaired on the outskirts of the hard-hit port city of Ormoc, represents a spirit of hope and resilience that resonates throughout the disaster zone. International relief workers, who spend their lives visiting disaster zones around the world, have expressed surprise and admiration at the outwardly jovial determination of the survivors to “bangon”, or rise, again.



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