Posted by: Chuck | December 14, 2013

Children in the Philippines


There are many organized sports at schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines. Including at private K-12 Schools and K-7 Schools. Our son who now is 19 years old and attended private schools in the Philippines. His private school has a basketball team, competing with other local schools; it should be noted his school is not a large school here in Danao. The students engaged in Math and Science competitions on the National Level. Perhaps some of you feel that you failed as a parent by bringing your kid to the Philippines to receive education. Well for that, I am sorry. However, my wife Belinda and I and many other parents prioritized our children education and compared to education in the USA these days, our children are receiving a much better and well rounded education in the Philippines. American students cannot even rank in the Top 10 world wide among other students in Math and Science in 2013.

There are thousands of Korean students studying in Universities in Cebu and in the other universities with in the Philippines. According to BI, more Korean students are receiving the Student Visa, which is long term study, as opposed to receiving the Special Study Permit, which is less than year validation.



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